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It is my intention to add a couple of recipes here every week. Although between working and playing with my daily blog 'Thibeault's Table', I'm not always successful.

Turkey - Greek Stuffed Turkey Breast

This is another recipe that I don't have a complete recipe for. I created the dish based on what I had on hand and made a note outlining the basic idea.

Turkey - Greek Stuffed Turkey Breast
I made a stuffing using spinach, feta and kalamata olives, seasoned with sauted onions, garlic and fresh dill and oregano, salt and pepper. Browned the rolled breast and added some chicken broth, fresh squeezed lemon, and some garlic cloves to the pan, covered and finished cooking in the oven. I made an avgolemono sauce to serve with it, along with rice and a green bean, zucchini and potato side dish. Was really good and would work with chicken breasts too.

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paula said...

Sounds delish!! What is ävgolemono sauce" Looks good!

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