"Recipes are meant to be shared"

It is my intention to add a couple of recipes here every week. Although between working and playing with my daily blog 'Thibeault's Table', I'm not always successful.

Focaccia topped with Warm Goat Cheese

Focaccia topped with warm Goat Cheese
1 focaccia, homemade or purchases
1 roasted red pepper, cut into strips and drizzled with olive oil.
1 recipe homemade Tapenade (or purchase already made)
Chevre (Goat cheese)

Cut the Focaccia into bite size squares. Cut the roasted pepper into small strips. Warm the Goat Cheese in the microwave to soften. Put a dollop of goat cheese on top of each square of focaccia.
On half the focaccia place a few strips of pepper and on the other half place a small spoon of Tapenade.

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